Zanzibar holiday

Zanzibar knows as a tiny paradise!

Zanzibar holiday is famous for its beach holiday. First, the sea is clean, with blue water, and the sunset is perfect. Second, Zanzibar is a place to be after enjoying a wild safari in Tanzania, and you will like to relax under a palm tree and drink cocktails. In conclusion, the activities in Zanzibar make your holiday perfect because there are different compared to Tanzania. Lastly and most importantly, it has four big islands, Unguja, Pemba, Mafia, and Kizimkazi. Together, they make Zanzibar.


Zanzibar holiday, Stone Town city tour

stone town in Zanzibar

Concerning Stone town is the old city of Zanzibar.The city is located west coast of Unguja and is the main island of the Zanzibar Archipelago. In other words, Stone Town was a former capital city of the Sultanate of Zanzibar. Also, Zanzibar was a centre of spice for cloves. Furthermore, Stone Town is a memorable city because the 19th Century was a centre of the slave trade.

In Stone town, they are many things to see for example Arabic wood doors, historical buildings such as the House of Wonders, Freddie Mercury’s House, Forodhani Food Market, the mix of different cultures like Arabas, Indian, and much more to see.


Jozani Forest

The Jozani national park is on the island of Zanzibar. The red colobus is one of the animals that are available in the Jozani forest. Above all, Jozani forest is decorated with more than 45 different species of butterflies, birds, and other species of fauna, for instance, bush babies (Galago) and sykes monkeys. After enjoying the Jozani forest, next you can also visit the mangrove forests. Mangrove is one of the essential shelters for wildlife species birds and honey bees.


Zanzibar holiday, Sandbank tour


In brief, Nakupenda (I love you) sandbank is a beautiful white sand beach to visit. Although this may be true, it’s also called Neverland because of the surface when the tide is low. And yet this is the perfect place to relax, sunbathe, snorkel and enjoy fresh fish such as shellfish.

Zanzibar holiday, Spice tour
zanzibar spice tour

Not only, do cloves come from this small paradise, but there a lot more comes from there. You will be surprised!. Speaking of that, at the spice tour, you will witness how different kinds of spices and herbs are growing before they reach the industry for grinding and find it at the market or supermarket.

Zanzibar holiday, Mnemba snorkeling
Mnemba snorkeling

In general, Mnemba is the one famous conversation area in Zanzibar. Because Mnemba is a private island, non-guests are not allowed to enter the island. Afterward, Mnemba is a paradise for snorkelers and divers because of so many different species of fish and crystal-clear blue water.

Zanzibar holiday, Prison Island

Quarantine, Changuu island is known as Prison Island. A historical island size 5.6 km (3.5) northwest of Stone Town, Unguja, Zanzibar, Tanzania. An island used as a prison for slaves in the 1860s. Beside, prison Island was a rebellious slave before selling them at the slave market in Stone Town, Zanzibar, or shipping them abroad.

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was one of the most famous rock stars of 1970. A Queen band formed in 1970.

But do you know that the Freddie Mercury museum in Zanzibar is the original house of Freddie in his family before they moved to India? And then England? The Freddie Mercury Museum is in the heart of Stone Town, Zanzibar. In addition, when he was 05 years he went to St. Joseph’s Convent Missionary school in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar holiday, Dolphin tour

First, the Dolphin tour is one of the main attractions of Zanzibar. Second, a journey begins in the morning and travels to the place where a dolphin tour should happen. Third, this journey will be by motorboat. Moreover, there are two areas possible to do a Dolphin tour. In Mnemba and Kizimkazi. In conclusion, the choice of the area will depend on the sea conditions.

Forodhani Food market

Every evening when the sun goes down at the food market in Forodhani Gardens in Zanzibar is a lively delight. For example, the open-air food market meets people from different palaces. In addition, we all know that Zanzibar is a small paradise because of the Indian Ocean. Moreover, there are different kinds of fish fresh from the sea. Also, Swahili traditional food such as Tamarin soup, Urojo, Zanzibar pizza, different choices of grilles seafood, fresh salads, fresh fruit and sugar cane and much more. Also, the complete Forodhani garden is surrounded by food stands and chefs busy preparing Yammy food in front of you.

Zanzibar holiday, The House of Zanzibar

The house of wonder is a memorable landmark in Stone Town, Zanzibar. In addition, this building is historical because it’s one of the six palaces built by the second Sultan of Zanzibar.
This building is the tallest and big building in Stone Town. A House of wonder is near Forodhani Gardens. In other words, the House of Wonder is one of the historical buildings of Zanzibar and Swahili culture.

Zanzibar holiday, Safari Blue

Safari blue is the best way to explore Menai Bay, Zanzibar. Menai Bay is a marine protected area where. Besides, with a bit of luck, you can spot some dolphins.
Menai Bay Conservation is selling typical local boats, the dhow. You will depart at the beautiful sandbank. A place where you can relax and enjoy snorkelling. In the afternoon lunch is available with fresh grilled fish, lobster, and shellfish. It’s on Kwale Island. A place which is surrounded by tamarind trees. Enjoy a natural swimming pool in the mangrove bay, and then we will visit the majestic 500 years baobab tree, the oldest specimen of baobab.

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14 days Zanzibar vacation

14 days Tanzania & Zanzibar

Additionally, a combination of a Zanzibar holiday with a safari is possible.



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