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Tanzania and Zanzibar are the most popular destinations in Africa.

A popular destination, why Safari in Tanzania:

Tanzania has a lot more to do and explore than you think. Above all, Tanzania offers things that are easier to find than anywhere else in Africa. For example, we are proud to have a higher Mount Kilimanjaro, a Great migration, and much more. A Safari in Tanzania is a unique experience and this makes it one of the popular destinations.

Firstly, Tanzania is green and blessed with a wide variety of animals. Sometimes it’s possible to see the big five in the same park. The big animals are Black rhino, Lion, Elephant, Leopard, and African( Cape) buffalo. As well as being big, the big five are also dangerous.
Secondly, Tanzania has thousands of different birds. If you decide to do a wildlife safari in Tanzania, each National park is unique and has something different to offer. This is also one of the reasons why you may want to consider visiting Tanzania and Zanzibar when you choose to travel.

However, cultural tourism is also one of the best ways to get to know the customs of the African people. There are more than 120 different tribes in Tanzania, but they’re only a few tribes that have managed to preserve their traditions and customs. Their livelihoods depend on hunting. In other words, it’s possible to join them or visit them to explore the culture in Tanzania.

Similarly, there is much more to do, for example, walking safari, visiting the local market, nature (Graden of God), spice tour, dolphins tour, and much more. You can combine different activities and make it unique for yourself. To conclude, many people like to make combine Safari in Tanzania with other activities in Zanzibar.

populair destination

popular destination

 Popular destination Tanzania & Zanzibar:


You can choose your style of accommodation, from standard to luxurious, from 5-star lodges 0r 4-star hotels.

The Tanzanian people are warm, generous, and peaceful. Indeed, many a visitor to Tanzania has said: “I come for the wildlife, but fell in love with the people.

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