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Would you like to spend your holidays in Tanzania and Zanzibar? Then you have come to the right place.


Firstly, my hometown is Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. Arusha is the focal point of the tourism industry in Tanzania. Secondly, when I was a child, I used to watch wildlife programmes or films on television. The most important thing was that animals were one of the things that made me happy to see them. So, when I was at school in Tanzania, my desire to see them became even more intense. That is why I decided to finish my studies by doing a practical internship at Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA). In addition to the wildlife curiosity of Tanzania, Zanzibar was also included. The combination was a complete picture for me.

However, I met my husband from the Netherland.  After that, I moved to Europe and started a new life together. After moving to the Netherlands, to learn the Dutch language that could help me get into a Dutch school in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, I keep busy being close to my country while being in Europe. Thirdly, my husband inspired me to open a travel agency. My third step would bring me closer to my desires and my origins.

I graduated as a professional in international marketing and communication in the Netherlands.
Finally, all of my efforts are dedicated to this company and able to do what I love to do.

Why choose Endless Safaris for your holidays in Tanzania and Zanzibar?

  • Firstly, experienced
  • Second, a private 4X4 vehicle with your private guide/driver
  • Thirdly, the best price guarantee
  • Fourthly, quality is our number one priority
  • In addition, we operate both nationally and internationally. I am a Tanzanian citizen and resident of the Netherlands.
  • We work with a small company in Tanzania.
  • Also, unlimited help and support
  • All in all, transparency
  • Finally, with us, you can make your wish come true
  • To conclude: We love what we’re doing.

N.B.: Also, combining holidaying in Tanzania and Zanzibar is unique.

What do we offer?

  • Honeymoon in Zanzibar
  • Wildlife Safari
  • Accommodation in Tanzania as well as in Zanzibar
  • Private safari for a group
  • Private guide/driver
  • Well-maintained 4×4 vehicle with wifi, recharge service, open roof, etc.
  • Beach holiday in Zanzibar
  • Family Holiday
  • Holidays with children in Tanzania and Zanzibar
  • Hiking and climbing in the mountains of Tanzania
  • Cultural tours
  • Photography Tours
  • Sightseeing
Holiday Tanzania and Zanzibar


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