Endless Safaris is a safari company which tries to create different kind of possibilities in order you to reach what you have in your mind, what you’re dreaming about. According to the financial situation we create a kind of custom package in order you to achieve a major experience in Tanzania and/or Zanzibar.
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A lot of students and volunteers are travelling to different places in the world for a different kind of purposes according from what’s they have to do for school or during the time of the volunteering project.

This package is more for the people who are already arrange their time to spend in the country as student or volunteer. Who also would like to experience some culture or wildlife in Tanzania or Zanzibar after they finished their job or in between and to have a good time. For this package our customer will join a group.

As Endless Safaris, we like to give our clients a realistic view about what they can expect when traveling Tanzania and Zanzibar.
We can inform you about what to do and what not while you’re there (such as: reliable food and drinks, where to go, what to do, small Swahili words/sentences that could help you while among the local people). Our package is filled with everything necessary for a ‘endless’ experience!

>>Note: please consider that specific terms and conditions are required.


Stokstaartjes in TanzaniaThis package is offering you to join a safari with other people for a low price. You can join a group up to six seats maximal available in a 4×4 safari vehicle. Of course, a group can also contain more cars. It can be you join a group consisting people from different places of the world. A group can also exist out of people as written here above. It can be a combination of all. It can also be you come with a group you’re already among.
Next to the people you will join, there will always be a guide who could explain a lot of things and answers your questions during the safari drive. Don’t worry about understanding. Our people speak good English next to Swahili and some do even speak another international language.

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